Friday, March 20th

The festival schedule is available below. Hover over classes to view detailed descriptions. Each day, there will be 6 workshops in the afternoon and competitions in the evening. Milongas start every evening at 9pm and carry on late into the night.

The festival will be held entirely at the Avalon Ballroom at 6185 Arapahoe Rd. in Boulder, CO., where activities will be split between the Main Ballroom, Boulder Tango Studio (BTS) and Sodal Hall.


Note that while Friday and Saturday classes begin at noon, Sunday classes will start at 1:30pm. All classes will be 75 minutes long and followed by a 15 minute break. Click here for a downloadable .pdf of the schedule, and here for detailed class descriptions (including a recommended track for newer dancers). All instructors will also be offering private lessons over the weekend - please contact us if you would like to schedule one.  

Saturday, April 27th
Sunday, April 28th