The festival schedule is available below. Hover over classes to view detailed descriptions. Each day, there will be workshops and competitions in the afternoon. Milongas begin in the evening and continue late into the night. The suggested classes for beginners are highlighted in green.

The festival will be held entirely at the Colorado School of Mines at 1500 Illinois Street in Golden CO., where activities will be split between the McNeil and Isaacs Rooms of the Recreation Center and Freidoff Hall in Green Center.


 Click here for a downloadable .pdf of the schedule, and here for detailed class descriptions (including a recommended track for newer dancers). 

Walking can be easy, walking can be hard, but walking in unexpected ways in unexpected places is the best. So don’t be silly and take note from the ministry of walks.
Achieve fame and fortune with your impeccable ochos! Leading, following, and technique included.
Two co-orbiting bodies may continue uninterrupted indefinitely, but if they should collide, that’s where things get interesting. Sacadas are all about understanding and creating those collisions for spectacular effect.
Learn fundamental tango concepts and figures one step at a time.  
Learn fundamental tango concepts and figures one step at a time.  
How to communicate effectively to create a harmonious language in the movement without using words ;-)
How to change speed in your dance. Whether you want to dance fast or slow, this class will help you with your dynamics.
For follower: double boleos & adornments that make you fast & sparkly. For leaders: new stunning footwork to accompany the boleo. Together: So fancy it’s hard to believe!
Colgadas: off axis to the maxes! How to actually do spinning colgadas. What else can I say, they are fun, awesome, elegant and dangerous… everything we ever wanted from tango.
Just as DNA is made of four simple base pairs, Tango is built of four simple steps. But when we combine them into complex helical chains, magic happens.
Link the state of the couple’s bodies, movement, tension and timing to the change of musical phrases. Subtly Sublimate into sublime susurrations: with live music by Fiona & Nick
The moon has been used to help with navigation for millennia, and the Media Luna is no exception. Of the hundreds of turn variations in Tango, the Media Luna is one of the most common and useful.
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Saturday, April 25th
Friday, April 24th
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Milonga is a fun, intimidating and oft overlooked cousin dance to tango. With these simple ideas you will be able to strut your stuff in Milonga!
Nope, it's not a mistake (we hope) - getting on the "wrong" foot in tango opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Let's figure out how to do it, how to feel when it's happened, and what do do when we're there.
The different timing for the turn in the Vals. And other dynamic shifts to play with.
Ravel your dance into an extremely small space, like knitting yarn into socks and mittens no one wants. That’s what string theory is, but with atoms and stuff. That’s what this class is, but with cool steps! This technique is key to moving into advanced dancing & navigation.
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Help your dance take a turn for the better. Learn how to lead and follow rotations and pivots
Sunday, April 26th