UniTango Instructors

Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo


Celina Rotundo and Hugo Patyn are Argentine Tango dancers, masters, and choreographers who dazzle the world, both on stage and in every class or workshop they teach.  They possess an especially particular connection and style, making them first class dancers with an extensive dance background. They have danced in diverse places of the world, presenting challenging, intense and sensual choreographies with history. As instructors, they have initiated and inspired hundreds of students around the world.

With a career of more than 20 years, they have danced, choreographed and directed several shows, which have been presented in different places of the world such as the
United States, Canada, Greece, Taiwan, Israel, Japan, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Italy , Bermuda, Chile, Indonesia, Korea, and Portugal, among others.

Both have had extensive artistic training from an early age in Ballet, Argentine Folklore, Music, Flamenco and Figure Skating. When Tango entered their lives, they had the influence of great mentors such as Osvaldo Zotto, Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau, Nito & Elba and Pedro Monteleone, among others.

They lead an Argentine Tango Company that has participated in grand events in several places around the globe, receiving the best ratings after each presentation. With its own character and of an incomparable aesthetic, the Company recreates fantastic scenes and moments of the Argentine Tango. With fantastic costumes and unique skills, they embody musicality, and choreographies that cause the audience to fall in love with each presentation.

Nick Jones & Fiona Foster

Fiona Nick 1.jpg

Nick Jones has been studying and dancing tango since 1996, he began teaching in 1998. He was one of the first North American tango dancers to teach and perform at a festival in Buenos Aires (Pulpo's Tango Week).  He has taught and performed at many tango festivals and workshops across N. & S. America, Europe, Australia & China over the last 16 years.

In 2008 he formed the Orquesta Tipica NaturalTango, in which he plays the bandoneon.  Playing in and leading the Orquesta has given him a unique look into the inner working of tango music, and has greatly influenced his dancing, teaching and performing.

Nick unreservedly shares his technique, structure, musicality and concepts so that each individual student can ultimately reach their own expression in the dance.  

Nick loves to geek out over tango and will happily show you his collection of autobiographies of tango musicians, original photos, 78rpm record, and other tango memorabilia he found antiquing in Buenos Aires. 

Fiona Foster has been studying dance and movement since she was seven, and Tango has been her focus for the last 14 years. She has been a student of many tango styles, both roles, and social danced all over the world. She feels passionately about how these experiences inform her perspective of the dance. Fiona began teaching tango in 2007. As a teacher, Fiona gives students the tools they need to have fun dancing at any level. 


As an international tango DJ and musician, Fiona loves the emotion and storytelling encapsulated in traditional music and also respects that some people discover their passion for tango through ‘alternative’ songs.  Fiona was co-president of CU tango for two years, where she organized the first-ever student/ community Milonga. She is thrilled to be part of this inter-collegiate event, which is next level awesome. During the day, Fiona is also a Marketing Manager and Independent Radio Producer. 

Fiona & Nick polish their dance continuously, together they bring over 40 years of experience to the dance floor.  Somehow they balance whimsical fun and structured clarity in each class.  Don’t ask them how; it just works out that way.  They have taught, djed and performed nationally and internationally over the past few decades. 


They find all tango styles beautiful, worth dancing, do their best to learn all of them, and then weave them into their own expression.  Knowledgeable, witty, fun and willing to share: join their classes at the UNITANGO FESTIVAL near you!

John Miller & Jesica Cutler


John Miller and Jesica Cutler have been dancing, teaching, and performing together since 2013 and in that time have developed a style that is engaging, fun, and informative. Jesica’s profound knowledge of anatomy and John’s deep analysis of Tango structure make for classes that are clear, concise, and insightful. Together they are charming, funny, and a delightful couple. They have taught together at Tango festivals in the US and Mexico, including Tango on the Rocks, the Wasatch Tango Festival, Mountain Milonga Retreat, the Baja EcoTango Festival, Tree City Tango in Boise, and the Boulder Tango Festival. John and Jesica are the organizers of Tango on the Rocks, Denver’s most popular festival.

Sean Ericson and Jackie Pham

jackie and Sean.jpg

Both on and off the dance floor, Jackie is happiest when connecting deeply with people and building community. This ethos is reflected in her dancing and DJing where she consistently weaves a warm, welcoming, playful space for dancers to connect. In her dancing and teaching, Jackie employs deep knowledge of body mechanics to facilitate self-expression and connection in tango. As a DJ, she has a keen sense for a milonga’s mood and flow, crafting emotional arcs with solid Golden Age tunes as well as fresh, resonant tracks to keep spirits and toes floating through the night. Although currently based in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area, Jackie retains strong roots to the Bay Area where she fell in love with tango’s deep connection and soulful expression through the Stanford Tango Club in 2010.

Sean Ericson started dancing in college at the University of California Santa Cruz. Captivated by the feeling of artistic movement, he trained extensively in a variety of dance forms, including tango, ballroom, ballet, and break dancing. Moving to Colorado for graduate school, Sean learned from maestros Nick Jones, Diana Cruz, Gustavo Naveira, and Giselle Anne. In 2017, Sean represented the United States at the Tango Mundial in Argentina after winning the ATUSA tango championship stage category. Sean moved to Virginia in 2020 to be closer to Jackie, and they have been developing their partnership and enjoying each other’s company ever since. In addition to dancing, Sean enjoys rock climbing, and likes playing board games far too much for his own good. However, Sean’s deepest passion is for learning, showing, and teaching dance, and in the joy of discovering how our bodies move and interact with the world.