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Special Event Collaborations

UniTango is excited to collaborate with the following events in 2022. 

Ballroom Fusion

Ballroom Fusion is a Colorado School of Mines Ballroom Club tradition to bring different dancing styles together, such as Tango, Blues, Viennese Waltz, West Coast Swing, Country Swing, and Bachata.

How does it work?

In Ballroom Fusion our playlist will comprise of different styles of music to give every dance type an opportunity. In addition, Tango and Blues can be fused when a Blues song comes up.

For Newer Dancers:

This is a great way to try more than one dance in a night and see what you like. Find music that makes you want to dance.  Find a bridge from what you listen to, to the music that grew up with the dances.

Dance with people who are laid-back and not hung up on what dance you “should” do to music.  This is a chance to dance as you as possible and have a great time doing it.

For Advanced Dancers:

Come to Ballroom Fusion and stretch your dancing muscles. Dance some Tango or some West Coast Swing, depending on the song that is playing and add your own style.  Try a dance and music that is outside your same-old, same-old set of moves.  Then, when you feel it, pop back into your comfort zone and surprise the person you’re dancing with. Ballroom Fusion is a great way to show off other dancing styles that you know.

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