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UniTango DJs

John Miller


John Miller has DJed just about everywhere: high school sock-hops, under bridges, in seedy bars, at weddings, funerals, dozens of festivals and thousands of milongas. He knows how to draw the dancers onto the floor and keep them there.

Fiona Foster


Fiona has DJed traditional and non-traditional milongas, in both the US and Europe, since 2006. When selecting music Fiona focuses on ‘dancability’ with occasional forays into the adventurous. Fiona loves music and appreciates the way ‘alternative’ music can excite, inspire and lead dancers to traditional tango music.

Florindo Sassone (Martin Rubbiolo)

Martin Picture.jpg

Martin has been dancing Tango since 1995. He started dancing in Argentina, his homeland. He has played Tango music in Milongas in Shanghai, Boulder, Denver, Mexico and Argentina. He was one of the DJs for our last Unitango Festival also.
He took DJing lessons from ARgentine TDJs and is currently involved in a project learning from Master TDJ Mario Orlando.
He is a student of Giselle Ann and Gustavo Naveira and occasionally teaches with Cindy. 
He likes to include XXI century Tang orchestras in his lists, including Tango Bardo, Romantica Milonguera and MIsteriosa Buenos Aires.

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