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In the Couples Choreography Competition, one couple will perform a choreography to a musical piece of their choice. One couple will perform at a time. Contestants will compete in one of two divisions based on their experience level if there are 3 or more couples who wish to participate in each division.

Note that rules and rubrics may be modified slightly as the competition approaches. Rubrics should serve as a guideline for scoring, but are not all encompassing.  Scoring is ultimately at the judges' discretion.

​Couples Choreography Competition Rules

  • In the case of technical issues, a performance may be restarted.

  • A performance may not be restarted due to contestant mistakes.

  • The Coordinator will have the ultimate authority to decide whether a performance may be restarted for any reason.

  • Aerials may not exceed more than one third of the performance.

  • Each performance may only be one song.

  • Couples’ choreography must be exclusively their own work

  • Instructors may advise on technique

  • Couples must provide music piece via in CD, flashdrive, or emailed in mp4 file.

  • File should include artist and title of song

  • Maximum song length should be 4:00 minutes

  • Song must be recorded at original speed

  • Song length may be edited to match the time limit

  • Music must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance: by 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 27th.

  • Attire and use of props may be considered for evaluation during scoring

  • Use of harmful materials such as powders, liquids, and fire is prohibited

  • Couple should be prepared to clean stage if performance litters the stage

Couples Choreography


Rubrics identify points the judges will look for during grading, but may not be followed precisely during judging. Rubric is available here.

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