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General Information:

  • Spectators are welcome to all competitions free of charge.

  • Registration in any category of competition implies understanding and acceptance of the General Competition Rules and the Competition Rules for all categories in which the participant is registered.

  • Registration for any category of competition implies consent to be filmed and photographed during the event, and for photos and videos to be used for promoting UniTango at any time.

  • "Novice" and "Open" divisions will be offered if 3 or more couples register in each division for a competition. To qualify for the "Novice" division, a participant must have had less than 2 years of Tango dancing experience.


General Competition Rules:

  • Contestants must be respectful towards judges, coordinators, and participants.  Disrespectful behavior may lead to immediate disqualification.

  • Contestants must be knowledgeable of the Grading Rubric for each category they participate in.

  • Contestants competing in more than one category may participate with the same or a different partner for each different category.

  • Competition registrations are not transferable.

  • In the case of technical issues, a performance may be restarted.

  • A performance may not be restarted due to contestant mistakes.

  • The Coordinator will have the ultimate authority to decide whether a performance may be restarted for any reason.

Competitions are a wonderful opportunity to showcase skills and bring a community together. We are absolutely excited to host four categories of Tango competitions throughout the weekend: Individual Improvisation, Couples Improvisation, Team Choreography, and Couples Choreography. Competitions will be judged by all festival instructors and winners will receive amazing prizes. Competition registration is free and is available with the online festival registration or during the festival. Please see individual pages for descriptions and rubrics.

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