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Making Magic

NaturalTango Sextet


The NaturalTango Sextet is formed out of the group of musicians that make up the NaturalTango Orchestra. Led by musical director Nick Jones, the NaturalTango musicians are known for their emotive and dynamic music.  Come enjoy their live performance at UniTango and experience the magic of dancing to tango music specially crafted for tango dancers!  

Chef Halina Palmer

Halina's profile image.jpg

Halina Palmer is a food wizard extraordinaire who has been an invaluable leader and organizer in the Colorado Tango community. She has run an Alternative and a Traditional Milonga for 15 years. She hosts Loco Tango every even Sunday of the month at the Avalon Ballroom in Boulder, Colorado. Come sample her gourmet wares and be refreshed and delighted by her specially prepared tasty treats throughout the UniTango festival.

Caryn Carrasco

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Caryn Carrasco has seen firsthand the bonds that social dance can build. Her parents met while dancing at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom in 1955, and she has spent her life meeting new faces and forming relationships through dances like tango, swing, and blues. The art form has proven so meaningful to Carrasco that she considers it “better than life insurance, "because you'll never be alone, you'll always be in good shape, and you'll always have friends.”
As the founder of CMDance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the magic of dance to the Colorado community and beyond, Caryn also leads Hot Night Fusion, a monthly dance event that blends Argentine tango and blues dancing. 

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