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UniTango DJs

Jessica Schilling

jessicaschilling-djphoto-4 (2).jpg

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Jessica Schilling started DJing in 2010 after realizing that it was a great way to write a tango-music addiction off on her taxes. Since then, she’s played traditional tango, alternative music, and everything in between for dancers at events across North America, including the San Diego Tango Festival, Portland ValenTango, the Stowe Tango Music Festival, and a variety of other festivals, encuentros and prácticas. When it comes to the alt side of tango, she strives for a mix that’s a little sultry, a little sassy, but always fun — and always danceable.

John Miller


John Miller has DJed just about everywhere: high school sock-hops, under bridges, in seedy bars, at weddings, funerals, dozens of festivals and thousands of milongas. He knows how to draw the dancers onto the floor and keep them there.

Fiona Foster


Fiona has DJed traditional and non-traditional milongas, in both the US and Europe, since 2006. When selecting music Fiona focuses on ‘dancability’ with occasional forays into the adventurous. Fiona loves music and appreciates the way ‘alternative’ music can excite, inspire and lead dancers to traditional tango music.

Sarah Genung


Sarah Genung encountered tango one night in 2005 when she was 14 years old. Although she has a background in multiple dances, starting with ballet when she was 3, she knew by the end of the night that it would be tango which would stick with her forever. Since then Sarah has striven to study the dance, history and music - looking forward to every new discovery. Sarah started DJing in 2013 in a cozy neighborhood milonga in her college town and has since played in cities across Washington, Colorado and Florida. Psycho-oncology researcher by day and tanguera by night, she feels tango music has a special magic and looks forward to sharing that when DJing her first festival!

Ana Gonzalez


Ana has been DJing since 2011, her goal is to connect with dancers. She plays sets that energize but which also satisfy the most hard to please critics. As a DJ, she pays attention to the energy flow and overall modd, carefully selesting only the very best tandas, leaving dancers begging for more!

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