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Making Magic

Zero Hour

Zero Hour.JPG

The quartet, Zero Hour, is formed out of the group of musicians that make up the NaturalTango Orchestra. Led by musical director Nick Jones, the Zero Hour musicians are known for their emotive and dynamic music.  Come enjoy their live performance at UniTango and experience the magic of dancing to tango music specially crafted for tango dancers!  

Jessica Wagonner


Jess is a very proud member of the Denver tango community, and is also proud to be a sound engineer. With a career starting in 2014, Jess specializes in studio recording, sound design, and live mixing. Working with Denver's favorite tango band Zero Hour has been one of the most recent highlights of Jess's career, alongside working in Dolby Atmos and winning a BroadwayWorld Regional award for sound design. In mixing, Jess focuses on creating a meaningful relationship between audience member and artist through sound. They hope to help bring a blissful listening experience and a seamless interaction between musician and dancer to UniTango this year.  

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